Crazy A Results

After one week of recording crazy Aaron moments I've come to realize that he causes more mini heart attacks than actual messes.  Could be the timing of my little test though.  We've had some great weather and have been able to get outside a little more.  Here is what Aaron has been up to this last week.

He started off by learning how to escape out the back door.  While Ellie is the actual culprit of ripping our screen door initially last year with her snout, Aaron has learned to open the sliding door and then grab the screen to pull it open.  It doesn't matter if the door is locked, he knows how to unlock it. We will be investing in a new screen door with a grate on the lower half to protect it from both our dog and our child!

It wouldn't be so bad to let him run around in our fenced back yard and occupy himself outside except there is this big staircase that scares me to death.  I'm terrified he's going to get excited, go down too fast, and do a burrito roll all the way down.  (Not to mention all of the dog poop bombs he may, and has, accidentally romped in!)
 So we've been able to keep him out by using the good old stick-behind-the-sliding-door trick.  Heaven help us when he figures this one out too.  So far I haven't allowed him to see me do this.

I've caught him a couple of times now randomly running around in the backyard (doesn't matter what he's wearing or not wearing!) John and I went out back after we heard some screaming one morning.  He was pinned to the ground by a piece of lattace that he tried to climb!  I was too freaked to snap a pic at the time, but this is the lattace.  Just thankful there were no nails!
Next, what toddler doesn't bolt from his parents once in a while?  Aaron is no exception though he seems to do it a lot.  I took him to Gardner Greenway, a park here in Gardner with some walking trails.  We parked just little ways away from the playground area and I saddled up Ethan in the sling and allowed Aaron to walk (to burn some energy off) next to me.  We held hands for a while but there was no one around and no streets to step off into.  It was fine on the way to the playground but on the way back he decided to take after daddy and explore the great outdoors.  I chased him into the woods (totally off any path) with Ethan still strapped on my body.  

That night we ordered pizza and while John was paying the guy, Aaron saw an opportunity to run outside.  He squirmed right through the door and bolted next door.  

We had some park scares too.  Crazy A will try anything with or without mommy's help!  Most of the time if Aaron is getting into trouble, it's while I'm nursing his brother.  He knows when I'm tied up and breaks out the dare devil stunts while I'm preoccupied.

 This is a curved latter that gets harder to climb the further up you go.  Right about now is when he turned and looked at Ethan and I and cried out for help.  He was stuck.  Sorry Ethan, lunch will have to wait AGAIN.

 "I can do it mom!" He often tests for my reaction when he puts his foot over the edge as if he's going to step off.  It makes my heart stop!

This is about a 6 foot "mountain" at one of the parks.  I was clear across the park on a bench, nursing yet again, when I saw him start to attempt this on his own.  This is in a bigger kid section of the park and I've seen him looking up at in wonder before.  Before I could get to him he was all the way up to the top and coming down the slide!  Holy Moly!  

Over this past week we visited the lake with Nanny and Papa.  Aaron particulary liked playing in the cabinet with Nanny.

On the way we stopped at McDonald's with Aunt Katie.  Aaron discovered the ever so cool trick of sucking milk up in a straw, holding it in with his tongue or finger and then spitting it at stuff.  Aunt Katie got a milk bath.

He also decided to climb an 8 foot latter while momentarily left unattended at the lake house.  I walked in to find my little dare devil about 2 rungs from the top and totally happy about it.

Then there is always the everyday stuff that I have become accustomed to but is really quite humorous.  For instance, he has a fascination with light switches and will go to great lengths to flip a switch like drag Ellie's food container around or carry his chair to the closest switches.  Bonus: just tonight I heard him say, "lights."

He sure loves his puppy.  So much that he decided to "feed" her by dumping a cup full of food down the stairs for her.  Thanks Aaron!  You're such a help!

He hasn't done this for a while, but he decided tonight would be a great time to take a swim in Ellie's water dish again.

And last but not least, no baby gate can keep my child from getting to where he wants to go...  Time to bolt that sucker to the wall!

Oh the life of toddler hood.  I love it!!