Good Days and ...well... Hard Days

Today was one of the hard ones.  Let me paint a picture.  Last night I probably got a total of about 5 hours of sleep in little 1-2 hour spurts.  John gets home this morning after working all night and gets to bed around 9ish.  Aaron eats very little for breakfast and whines for snacks most of the morning.  Plus he's extremely bored because I am rooted to the couch providing Ethan an all you can get buffet which he can't seem to get enough of.  Both boys are alternatively having melt downs so that as soon as one is resolved another one begins.  For Ethan it's mostly about food or a diaper change.  For Aaron it's because he wants this toy or that one or ANOTHER snack, or he's decided to climb something he shouldn't and has fallen down.  Plus both boys have bad diaper rashes.  Yes, Ethan also inherited super sensitive skin.

After lunch, I put Aaron down for nap with little trouble (thankfully) and begin to work on the finishing touches of a video project I am trying to complete for Tuesday.  Ethan will not have any of it.  I temporarily give up on the project but am gettting stressed because the time is ticking away and Aaron will soon be up again.  In fact, bummer, he IS up again.  Instead of being refreshed from his nap he is whiney and cranky and extrodinarily bored.  He is determined to make a disaster out of the house while I try desperately to finish what should only take an hour or so to do.

John wakes up to find me deshelved while both boys are yet again crying and melting down.  I leave the boys with him so I can run to Cartridge World to pick up ink for my computer to finish up my project.  I spend $70! (Which is actually a good deal for this ink but still - $70!!)  When I get home, John is feeding Ethan a bottle...I had just nursed before I left - he is acting like he's starving all the time! I plug the new ink in and it doesn't work.  Two of the six cartridges aren't even printing anything and the others are very poor quality.  John is rushing, trying to help me and stressing about getting ready for work while I am attempting to get the kids under control.  We can't figure it out so I call the store and tell them they don't work and I just spent $70 on them!  They tell me to return them and they'll give me new ones.  Yeah right - not happening tonight!  I guess I'll do it tomorrow.

So now it's about 8:30 and Aaron is asleep, Ethan has just finished nursing, my house is still a disaster, and I am absolutely exhausted.  It turns out Ethan must be going through a grow spurt.  I was starting to think I just wasn't producing enough milk so I looked up some info online as a refresher.  So... 1) Your baby wants to eat nonstop - Check. 2) Your baby will be up more often at night - Check. 3) Your baby will be crankier than usual - Check.  Yup, definitely a growth spurt!  At least I'm not going crazy and this growth spurt won't last that long. 

Hopefully tomorrow will be one of those "good days!"


  1. O mama. Sorry the video added so much to your day :( so sorry.

  2. And WHY didn't you call Nanny???? I could have come over today and helped or taken Aaron to play somewhere!


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