A is for...

APPLE!!  I must admit, I've been concerned that Aaron is not really talking yet.  I've had plenty of people say "oh don't worry, he'll talk soon enough" but it's still unnearving when you go out with a group of moms with kids around your child's age and they seem to be talking just fine.  Oh he's said the typical Momma, Dada, ball, and dog but VERY sparingly and never on command.  He does well with some baby sign language like "more," "all done," "eat," and "please," which counts developmentally.

But this weekend we hit a new milestone.  He wanted an apple and so he said, "app-le." I wasn't sure he was really saying it so I asked him again.  "App-le," he said a little louder and more clearly.  My mom heard it too.  So we cut up an apple and for the rest of the day I would say, "Aaron say apple" and he would respond with "app-le."  He really defines the syllables - soooo cute!  Then later in the car, Katie and I taught him "apple juice" which sounds like "app-le jis."  That one is a little harder to come by on command but I've heard it several times now.  We even stopped at a gas station and got him some apple juice - how could we not?!