Life with Two Kids

I love being a mom.  It is the greatest job in the whole world!  Having two little ones is great but also tiring!  As to be expected there is quite an adjustment going from 1 to 2 kids.  You would think everything would take twice as long but that is just not the case.  It takes about 4 times as long!  Why? Because I am constantly chasing my hyperactive toddler!  A lot of times during the day it is hard to completely nurse Ethan without being interrupted.  i.e. putting him down to check on or reprimand Aaron. 

Aaron is constantly testing his boundaries with me and it stinks because he is so dang cute too!  We’ve been working on time out but it’s not going that great.  So… we’ve had to add some “swats” too.  Now before you get all funky on me and accuse me of child abuse, here are my rules:  1) Swats are never given in anger or threatened by yelling.  2) There is always a warning given beforehand. 3) Swats are followed by a short time out. 4) There is always plenty of love given afterward (hugs and kisses from both he and I) and an explanation of why we got a swat.  They say every child is different and you have to do what works… I’m not sure what “works” yet so we’ll see.

Here is what my boys have been up to recently…

 Mr. Curly brushing his teeth

This is what Ethan does most of the day... not that I'm complaining!

Enjoying a graham cracker with chocolate frosting

Playing with his toys

Acting like baby brother

Wide eyed

 On the counter (did it by himself!) helping himself (and the dog) to snacks

Oh the messes I have to deal with at 5am!

 This is what happens at 1:00 every day - finally have nap time down!