The Real World

Well these last few weeks have been bliss.  My wonderful husband has been such a HUGE help!!!  He has done dishes, kept the house picked up, and most importantly - let me sleep every morning while he got up with Aaron!!!  I know, I know, I'm totally spoiled!  To top it off we've had friends and family bring us dinners so I haven't even had to cook much!! (BTW, thank you to everyone who has brought us dinner - it was a huge help and I will be getting real thank yous out soon!)

Unfortunately it must end and my sweet hubby must return to work.  Tonight is his first night back.  The boys are fed, bathed, and sleeping currently so I figured I have some blog catching up to do.

We've done a lot of laying around and relaxing in the last few weeks as we are adjusting to this wonderful family of four thing.  We did manage to get out to the park a few times.  Though big brother got to go more often, Ethan has been to the park three times already!  Of course he stays bundled up with mommy while Aaron plays.  Here are some of our pics from the last few weeks....

 Mommy and the boys taking a nap

 Our sweet baby Ethan

 Daddy and Ethan just chillin

 Ethan's first real bath - Aaron got to join him!

 "My belly button looks different mom."

 Taken on his "due date," Feb 25th - he was 13 days old by then!

Sleeping through his bath

Of course, life is not just about Ethan though Aaron thinks that sometimes!  We've had to make sure Aaron gets equal attention so we went on a few "mommy dates."  Another great thing about having John home - he can watch Ethan while I take Aaron out.  We've gone on 2 play dates with the Mom's club and have been to the park a few times.  He's also been on a few Jeep rides with daddy when he runs errands.

Helping daddy zip his jacket
 Getting into the shower... again.  We have named him the Destructor!
 Eating just the frosting off the cookie at Moms Club meeting

Going down the tunnel slide

Lots of kisses for baby brother!
 It's been a great couple of weeks.  I have a feeling this next one will be quite exhausting as I figure out how to do all this on my own.  John is going to be working a lot which means I lose my fantastic helper for a bit.  I'll be fine once I get a routine down.  Someday soon I hope to be brave enough to take them both out on my own! : )  It's quite a bit of work!!  I never knew how tiring parenthood could be!  Speaking of.... it's 9:46 and if I don't go to sleep soon I'll be a mess tomorrow considering I'll only sleep about half of the time between now and the morning!


  1. So happy to see a new blog post! Ethan is going to look a LOT like his big brother:-) By the way, that means VERY CUTE! Call me if you need some relief in the next few days or come on by with the boys. You all are truly the fab four:-)

  2. Ahhhh... babymoon :) Love it! O... and I LOVE the nametags on Aaron's back, hillarious! And in the napping picture Aaron looks more like you than I have ever noticed before! :) O, O, O... and super jealous that you are in a mom's club, tell me all about it!


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