Trash Day

Trash day should now be known as Recycle day here at the Farnsworth house.  I am proud to say that we only have 1 bag of trash this week which was made up of diapers and food.  I guess this means if we could get Aaron potty trained, Ethan in cloth diapers, and start a compost we may not have much of a need for a trash bin anymore at all!  I'm not sure I'm ready to put in that much extra work yet though!  It was kind of a game to see how little trash we could put on the curb this week.  I was getting a little embarrassed of the huge pile of trash we seemed to be putting out every week.  Of course some of that was from working on our basement and cleaning out our garage a little but still - our carbon foot print was MASSIVE!  So I called the trash company and signed up for the recycling service and here we are. I can't believe how EASY it is and how MUCH can actually be recycled.  Why doesn't everyone do this?

 Our actual trash
The big bin is the recycle bin - we don't even really need a bin for trash anymore!