Ethan turns 2 months

Life is so busy with 2 under 2 that I realized today is the 15th and Ethan turned 2 months old 3 days ago! Time is flying by and he is growing like a weed! I LOVE to hear him coo. It is the sweetest sound and one of my favorite things about this stage. He's also starting to blow bubbles. Just today he gurgled so much he drooled all down his chin.  Ethan is such an easy going baby. (Thankfully!)  We're still partly co-sleeping as we don't have his room done yet. I'm not complaining though - we've got "sleep-nursing" down pat!  A part of me will be sad when its time to transfer him to his own bed. Still another part of me welcomes deeper sleep and more room to toss and turn a little! 
His next appointment is Tuesday so I'll be sure to post his stats later.