Family Saturday

We had an AWESOME day yesterday!  It started off with John getting up with Aaron and making us breakfast.  Then we got the finger paints out again so John could see what a little artist we have.  It was very messy and oh so fun.  Then after lunch and nap time we took the kiddos to Kill Creek park for a nice afternoon hike.  I found a great backpack kid carrier at a consignment sale on Wednesday with my mom and we were dying to try it out!  We wrapped up the day with a date night to the Hereford House compliments of SMMC.  (We got a gift card for choosing SMMC to deliver Ethan since John works there.)  All in all, a fantastic day!

 Teaching Aaron to skip rocks.

 All ready to hike

 Pretty purple flower along the trail

 The creek

 Sound asleep the whole time!

I got the lighter load!  I did wear a backpack to carry our snacks and drinks.

Skipping Rocks