Mystery Poop

So last night as I was getting Ethan dressed after the boys bath, Aaron got to have what we have come to call "naked time." Basically its about a five minute window where he can run around the house completely naked. He loves it and it usually involves screaming and jumping on mommy and daddy's bed until I have free hands to dress him.

I went to get him and as I was tickeling him I noticed a brown spec on my bed so I picked it up. It was poop! Then I saw a shmear on my pillow.  MY PILLOW!  I immediatly thought it was from Aaron.  So off with all the sheets and pillow cases.  Gross!

But that's not the end of it.  When John woke up today he discovered more poop on my side of the bed.  These were the new clean sheets.  Aaron had not been in there without a diaper. Ethan slept with me last night but was wearing button up jammies that poop could not have come out of.  John swears it was not ellie because he would have known if she got on the bed while he slept. So, if it wasn't me, it wasn't John, it wasn't our kids, or our dog, why am I cleaning poopy sheets for the 2nd night in a row? This better not happen a 3rd night...