Take a Hike!

Last year it was biking... this year it's hiking!

We had so much fun training for and participating in Bike Across Kansas last year. I am a little bummed (ok a lot bummed) we can't do it again this year but adding a new family member changes the dynamics of things a little. I was able to train with Aaron last year on the bike while he rode in his "chariot" or behind me in the baby seat. But biking is just not logistical now with a newborn and a toddler. I look forward to the day when Ethan is big enough to ride with us. Then I can take both my boys out for a bike ride - won't that be a workout! But for now, we have adopted a different outdoor family activity. Hiking.

John has recently been talking about hiking the Appalachian Trail. He and the siblings really want to do it together. How cool would that be?! The whole trail takes 6 months to do - that's a little extreme! So we were thinking a week or two instead. Of course, a trip like that is not exactly baby/toddler friendly so I may not be joining them depending on whether I get the nerve to leave my kiddos for that long. It's also not something that is planned in stone yet, and certainly not for this year. Maybe next year when Jenny is finished with school. But that said, we would like to start training for such an event right away! Carrying a toddler on your back is great practice. So the other day we called up Matt and headed out to Kill Creek again. Yep, our boys are going to be outdoors-men!

Matt is about the only person who is skinny enough to squeeze between the car seats in the back of our car!

 On the trail

 "I'd rather wear it backwards!"

In step with daddy. *LOVE this one!


  1. He did actually ride in the backpack for most of the time - it's just the one's of him walking were sooo cute!


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