Grandpa Farnsworth Turns 90!!

Happy Birthday Grandpa Farnsworth!!!  Today we celebrated his 90th birthday.  Aunt Marilyn and Uncle Jim opened up their house and hosted a FABULOUS party for him with guests from all over the country! Unfortunately Aaron was feeling crummy (we debated on taking him at all) so I took him home early but we simply couldn't miss such a grand event.  John and Ethan got to stay and hang out all afternoon.

There was lots of food to be had and of course, 90 candles to be blown out!  We also got to see many relatives we don't normally get to see.  I can't believe I forgot the camera!  I hope to get a peek at (and a copy of) some of the footage and pictures that Uncle Gary took.  Here is one I got with my phone...

Our boys are so fortunate to have Great Grandparents in their lives.  May we celebrate many more birthdays to come!!


  1. What an awesome picture! All such handsome guys!

  2. Aaron has Ron's mouth and chin, I do believe. I'm sticking with he looks like his grandpas!! Ron+Charlie=Aaron :) lol! Great picture!


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