Hello Oklahoma!

It's finally here! We've been planning this weekend trip to Oklahoma City for my cousin Alee's wedding for months. We arrived at 5:30 after a late start and a handful of stops. All of my cousins on my dads side are here and many of us have kids now. Its was so much fun seeing everyone tonight as people started arriving. Including myself, there are 9 grandchildren (all over 18 now), 6 spouses, and 8 greatchildren all under the age of 8 here! Aunt Sandy's house was packed and it felt like there were kids everywhere.

Aaron has made a few new buddies and got so wound up that he is just now snoring in the bed next to us at 11:12 at night.  We're trying out the big bed tonight but he's already fallen onto the pillows we threw on the floor 'just in case'. We'll see how it works out. Eman may end up getting the big bed and Aaron in the pack n play before this trip is over.

This is a pic of Aaron watching Thomas the Engine on the way down. Thank God for DVD players!!