How bizzare....

I swear I had a post up entitled "Busy Bees."  I even posted a link to it on Face Book and had comments on it.  I have NO idea what happened to it!!!  It was just explaining that we have been pretty busy lately with getting our basement finished up.  My dad has been soooo awesome in helping us create a functional, storage filled, office space.  We've now moved everything downstairs from the old "office" and are getting ready to transform it into Aaron's new bedroom.  I can't wait to post pictures of all three finished rooms. (The new office, Aaron's new room, and Ethan's room.)  I can't believe Ethan is 3 months old now and still has no space to claim his own!  I've had to rotate lots of clothes out of the piddly 2 drawer plastic set on top of my dresser!  With all the work we've been doing, we've still had time for fun stuff.  These were the pics I had posted a few days ago that mysteriously went missing - and a few extras.

 Introducing Ethan to Elmo's World
 Mr. Smiles

 ...and giggles (or more like gurgles)

 Bird watching - Aaron thinks it's a window seat in the basement

Sleeping while the rest of the fam enjoys pizza


  1. i had the same problem. blogger was having seriously issues. it's fixed now.


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