My Escape Artist at it again!

Aaron is starting to feel a little better today.  No fever and though he still has a pretty bad cough he is at least bearable to be around!  In fact, I was nursing Ethan in the living room while John was painting up in Aaron's new room and my little escape artist figured out how to open the door to our garage.  (He just learned about how door knobs work this week and he's been testing every door we have.) 

I heard him go downstairs but didn't think he could possibly open that heavy door.  Oh yes.  He can. And he did! Not only that but he then promptly went to the driver side of my car and opened the door.  Then he climbed in and hit the garage door clicker.  He discovered this trick last week when I was unloading groceries with my garage doors closed so as not to lose him down the street.  When I heard the garage door open I immediately stopped Ethan, put him down, and ran downstairs to chase after Aaron!  It's time to get the door knob child-proof stuff out!  Next thing I know, he'll be trying to back my car out!  He has discovered how to put mommy's keys in.  He tried every key until he found one that worked.  Holy Cow - this kid is sooooo curious!!!