Bike Rodeo

We're startin' em young here at the Farnsworth house.  Aaron brought his super cool little Strider bike with him and had a pretty good time.  There were lots of freebies to be had but of course he just wanted to ride around!  We got the helmet I was so excited about but it's waaaayyyy to big for him!  They ran out of little sizes so he got an adult small/medium.  Yeah, I could probably wear it!  Oh well, he has his own that we bought last year and it still fits.  He was sooo cute walking around with his little bike.  He didn't care about the obstacle courses, he just wanted to go out on his own away from the crowd... I wonder where he gets that from?  Hehehe...  Ethan was not thrilled about the heat but he fell asleep shortly before we were ready to pack up and head home.