Blueberry Picking

What a great family outing today!  We packed the kids up, armed with sunscreen and a picnic lunch and headed for The Berry Patch.  It was so much fun and I think we'll make it an annual trip.  For those of you who have never heard of them, they are the largest blueberry farm in Missouri located near 69 Hwy and 223rd street.  It was pretty decently priced in my opinion - $2.85/lb.  Aaron had more fun eating the blueberries than actually picking them but I guess some of what he picked made it into the bucket!  He's still asleep as I type this (5pm)! We got home around 2pm and after an active morning in the sun, both boys slept very well!  We have a bag full of blueberries, some Thunder Mountain muffins, and a bunch of memories to show for it. 

 Riding the Blueberry Train

 Mr. Mom!

 Eatin' blueberries while Daddy picks 'em

 Taking a rest.  It was warm but there was a great breeze.

 Helping pick them.  

 Our loot

 Ethan hanging out while we ate lunch

Testing out his balancing skills
Yum! Fresh blueberries.

 You'd never know I was nursing Ethan in the carrier with my little cover.  It was so peaceful picking berries in the field in the quite morning with a gentle breeze.