Happy Trails to You

My little spunky monkey found a permanent marker today.... We marked mommy's new desk, the concrete basement floor, the carpet up the stairs, the vanity in my bathroom, and oh yeah, his own arms, legs, and face. Its basically a trail from the office to my bathroom where he was proudly coming to show me his artwork.  Oh the joys! For the most part, its cleaning up OK.  On the positive side, he managed to steer clear of the walls upstairs!

***CORRECTION***  I just took a closer look and keep finding other spots that I missed earlier...  Want to see the trail?

Lets see. There's my desk to start with.

a random box on the floor

his play mats that I've been meaning to store for the summer and are sitting in the basement

concrete floor number 1

and number 2...

basement door and wall

basement step1 (it sort of looks like an A)

basement step 2

basement light switch

living room carpeted steps

bathroom vanity

bathroom shower (not pictured due to filthiness on my part...)

***Just found more...***