A new room and bed for Aaron

Here are pics of Aaron's new room.  It only took us 4 months to complete it! : )  He loves his new cool Jeep bed.  But I think he may love the fact that he can get in and out of his new big boy bed a little too much!!  He slept great last night as he was EXHAUSTED but today for nap was a different story.  He just wanted to play.  He finally slept a little but we are going to have to get used to it still. 

Hat/coat hooks above plus a space for a clock.  These are magnets - it's a color matching game.  Match the color word with the Jeep.

 The awesome bed!  It turned out soooo great! And that's a picture of Daddy's Jeep in the frame.

 Organized toy bins that are portable so we can take them to the living room.  Check out the new rocking chair from Grandma and Granddad!

 Another angle.  Those are the curtains from Nanny's house.  They work well after all.  I was worried about the hue but they look great!

My old desk from childhood revamped.  It used to be white.  That's a pillow case on top.  This will become a changing station until Aaron is potty trained - something we are not quite ready for yet.  I was going to just change Aaron in Ethan's room when he needs a diaper change but that won't work as I don't want to disturb Ethan while he's sleeping.  So, looks like we'll just pick up an extra changing pad and call it good. Oh and that is a poster of Daddy's Jeep.

 First night in his new bed.

First night in Ethan's new bed.


  1. The room looks great, you guys did an awesome job. And so did Grandad on making the Jeep bed. He worked really hard on it and still wants to put the windshield up for Aaron. And maybe a steering wheel. Love you guys


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