Party Time!

Monday night kicked off a week long, event-packed, birthday celebration for Aaron. Nanny, Papa, Aunt Chelsee and Uncle Jay, Aunt Katie, Grandma Great, and her friend Bertha came over for a cookout. We had hamburgers and hot dogs and lots of fruits and veggies. Aaron loved all the fuss about Thomas the Engine- he's a huge fan. He also got to grill out on his very own grill from Nanny and Papa.  And we finally got to reveal his new swing set!

We had a great time and Aaron got some really neat stuff. Thank you all for the great gifts and for showering our little boy with so much love.


  1. How sweet, I love the skating video. Such a smart little man. The swing looks great. Looks like lots of fun with swing set. I love his chef hat and Grill. He will have so much fun with that.


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