Sorry we missed you!

Well I actually tried to post this a few days ago from my phone but it still says, "publishing" so I guess I'll retell the story.  So mom and dad are out of town for a few days and we (Chelsee and I) are in charge of watering their tomato plants.  So on Wednesday, after two days of recovering from our mini vacation by laying around the house, I decided to take the boys swimming.  I packed a lunch, our swim suits, some pool toys, and sunscreen and headed for mom and dad's house.  I figured I'd borrow thier neighborhood pool pass and hang out in the fenced in baby pool area. 

Once I got to mom and dad's though I realized, duh - they have a hot tub and since they're not home, it's probably not hot.  89 degrees is perfect for little boys who would probably freak out at the frigid temperature of the newly opened neighborhood pool. It turned out to be perfect.  We hung out on the deck, ate our packed lunch on the patio table, played around in the little car, and splashed in the hot tub.  It was a blast!  The only thing missing was Nanny and Papa!  I'm sure we'll be back for more back yard fun in the near future. 

 What "day at the pool" would be complete without an ice cream cone on the way home?

 Before the hot tub...

 This is sooo cool!

clothes are so over-rated!