Just for Kicks...

It's way late and I should be in bed but I thought this was interesting.  I'm cleaning up my office and I ran across this information. For all of those who think Ethan is a chunker...  I told you Aaron had a chunky phase too!  Contrary to popular belief, Eman is actually a little bit SMALLER than Aaron was at his age.  Check out the 4 month stats.  Of course he is now almost 5 months but you get the picture.

16lbs, 10 oz - 80th percentile
26.25 inches long - 90th percentile
Head circumference...can't remember but 25th percentile

Weight: 16lbs, 2oz, 75%
Height: 25.5 inches, 52%
Head: 16 inch, 15%


  1. Ethan is JUST RIGHT!! Love to hold and love on him:-) Kind of heavy when you're carting the car seat around, but who cares.....he's SOOOO worth it! Love you baby boy!


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