On the go and "no!"

I'm happy to report (about 2 weeks overdue) that little Eman is officially rolling around like a little rolly-polly!  It started when I found him on his tummy 4 mornings in a row.  I knew he could roll over at that point but I had not yet witnessed it and I wasn't sure he could roll both directions.  He has always enjoyed tummy time so I kept putting him down on the floor more and more until I finally witnessed his skills!  He rolled from his back to his tummy like he'd been doing it for months or something.  I'll have to add the video later because of course I whippped my phone out to capture the moment.  It wasn't until this morning though that I realized he had learned to roll both directions and use it as a means to travel.  He went halfway across our living room today just rolling over and then over again - laughing in true Ethan form.  It was the cutest thing ever!  No more leaving him places he might roll off of!

In other news...  Aaron has mastered the word "no" and uses it quite often!  Sometimes it is very cute, sometimes it's informative like when I ask him a question, and sometimes it's toddler defiant! Here we go...  I'm glad he's finally using his words more though.  His list of words and phrases is growing almost daily but it still seems a little slow going at times.  We are meeting with a speech therapist every two weeks and it seems to be helping.  I don't think anything is wrong - just a late talker.  I love it when he says mama. He recently started saying "where dada go?"  So sweet!  He replaces dada with any word he currently knows such as "mama," "bubba," "book," etc.  Or sometimes he just says "where he go?" meaning himself!  Then he pops up and says, "there he is!"  I love my boys so much!!!

Don't know if I'll get to it tonight, but I need to post about our weekend lake trip!  Lots of good pics to share. : )