Sweet Ethan

Dear Ethan,

I hope you realize how much your dad and I totally adore you. You are such an amazing baby and I hope that someday when you look back and you read this you will know without a shadow of a doubt that you are cherished. I just finished nursing you and rocking you for a long time.  I know sometimes I blog a lot about your big brother but trust me you are just as loved.

I love that you smile more than any other baby I know.  And you feel the need to squawk in delight at the most random moments.  I LOVE that you sleep all the way through the night.  Ever since we put you in your crib to sleep when your older brother got his new bed, you have slept around 11 or 12 hours every night.  I love how laid back you are.  I love that you have a couple of really long hairs among the rest of your hair that stick up and dance in the breeze. I love your dimples.  Your left cheek boasts a dimple every time you smile but your right one only shows up when you are really happy.  I love trying to make you giggle so I can admire it.

I love how you watch your big brother and daddy play as if you wish you could join in the fun right now.  I also love the way you watch everyone eat and think it's your turn too.  Your eyes track food across the table as you drool all over your shirt as if to say, "Mom, I can eat that.  Just let me at it, I'll show you."  I love the way you find your thumb when you need to sooth yourself to sleep.  Someday we'll have to break that habit but right now, it is so adorable.  There are so many things I love about you, I could right a entire book I think.  But for now, I have some things to do around the house while you and your brother sleep peacefully.  Sweet dreams little one.



  1. Grandma is crying just reading this. You are as prescious as your Mommy says, and loved by everyone.
    I love you sweet pea.


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