What's free and fun and helps you stay cool?

The sprinkler!!!  At our house the backyard is decently shaded in the morning and the front is shaded in the evening.  So this morning while Ethan napped, Aaron and I went outside to play.

 The pool was a little crowded today.

 Splash!!  After starting out small he was ready to advance to the next level slide.

 Super cheese! This is what he does now when I ask him to smile. :)

After Ethan woke up he sat content in this swing for about 45 minutes!

Aaron testing out the slide to find his ball that he threw in the pool.

He discovered he could aim the sprinkler.  Too bad we didn't have targets - although the trees worked well!

After dinner we went out front to wave bye bye to daddy as he went to work and ended up playing for an hour before bath time.  Ethan wasn't a fan of the heat but Aaron was perfectly content and DID NOT want to come in.  Not even to play in the bath tub.
 Poor baby.

 We made a train track on the drive way.  It was perfect for keeping Aaron close. (This trick will only last a few times I imagine!)  Aaron had fun pushing and riding his toys along the track.


  1. What a great idea sweetheart. Your kids are beautiful.
    love ya


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