All in a week

The nice thing about John's work schedule is that he gets long 8-day off stretches of time about every 6 weeks.  It's like a built in vacation every other month.  We usually cram a bunch of family time in and sometimes I let him work on his Jeep or motorcycle while I take the kids out. Hehehe... He's back to work now but here's what we did...

We rode our bikes to the Johnson County Fair Parade
Ethan slept while Aaron enjoyed his loot of candy
I took the boys to the fair to see the animals

 We watched as Ethan learned to "Army crawl."
  This was at Chelsee's house one day for lunch.
 Aaron enjoyed his apple juice from the cute cup that Aunt Chelsee got him.

 We went to a Mom's Club event and made a magnetic butterfly for the fridge.

 We went to grandma and granddad's house and played.

We played outside in the front yard.

And... we went camping... but that's for another post.