Sidewalk Chalk: Art or Education

 Both!  Aaron loves to get his chalk out in the evenings and while he is a decent scribbler, he gets bored of it quickly.  We frequently go out and play in the front yard between dinner and bath time to get some last energy bursts out before settling down.  I usually color with him but it's mostly just random doodles.  So recently I've started challenging myself to come up with fun play/educational ways to play with chalk.  So far this is what we've done.  We don't do them all at once but we've had fun trying different things out.

Shapes and Colors
 "Aaron, stand on the Yellow Rectangle."

 "Can you toss the frisbee in the number 4 ring?"

 We sing a song while skipping around the circle and what ever letter we end up on we have to think of something that begins with it.  I also quiz him by having him stand on a certain letter.  Or we simply sing the ABC's while going in a circle and stepping in each block.

 Aaron is learning words better now so we did this one to verbally identify each member of our family.

"Can you catch the number 4 fish?" Or we go hop on each number as we count to 10.

Just for fun
This was one of our first ones.  We drew a track around the driveway to ride his toys on.

The fun thing is that when it rains we get to come up with more stuff.  What's next?  I don't know but it will be cool!