Zumba video contest

Right now there is a contest going on for Zumba that involves videoing the Zumba routine to the song Pause by Pitbull. The idea is to take a "pause" from your normal work day and film yourself or a group in an odd place doing Zumba. I've been thinking of my typical day and it is usually surrounded by little kids and whatever occupies little kids. So... why not do a video with my kids?
Here's where I need help to really make this thing fun and stand out among the other contestants. I want to gather all my baby wearin mommas and do the routine at the Great Mall while wearing our kids! It could be a backpack carrier on the front or the back, a sling, a wrap, a hiking pack, whatever. The kid/baby can be whatever age, just as long as you can wear them! There are no rules against editing so I want to do it music video style and tell a story. Let me paint a picture. It goes like this:
Walking into the mall, stroller wheels along the pavement. Moms are gathering in the food court, kids are begging to play. Kids play hard, moms mingle on the side line. One kid is crying, one has to pee, one is hungry, one is running around screaming - you know, the usual. Moms load up kids in packs and join together, they've had enough. Its time to Zumba. We do the pause routine for about 30 seconds. The camera cuts to more images of craziness. One kid is eating cheese fries and getting it all over, one has to pee again, one is crying or throwing a tantrum, one has fallen asleep in the middle of the play area. We Zumba again. This pattern repeats.
I can edit all I want. If you didn't know I do decent video work. The Great Mall is not usually that busy so it won't be too embarassing. John would film it for us with our professional camera. I just need some fun mommas to do it with me. Check out the contest link on my fb page or click on the link below. Anyone interested?

Pause Video Contest 

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