Mighty Milestones

This momma is bursting with pride right now.  I can't believe how fast my little guys are growing up.  They continue to amaze me with every new thing they do.

Aaron:  Potty Progress
This is day 3 of our potty training efforts so far and I have to say I am pretty amazed at how well Aaron is doing.  He has had his accidents of course but I think he's getting it overall.  There have been things that were part of my plan that worked, and things that didn't work so well.

The potty chart - huge success.  We put a sticker up for every successful attempt at going potty even if its just a little.  Every 4th time he goes he gets to choose a prize.  He lives for the prizes.  They are all pretty small do-dads and there was some candy too.  Guess what got picked first?  Yup.  "Canny."  He's gone so many times that I had to continue the chart on the back.  I think it's about 18 times. 

 Bigger prizes for going number 2
 Little prize box

Big boy underwear - not so much yet.  He was excited to pick them out but it's hard for him to pull them up and down and they must feel similar to a diaper because he had more accidents when I let him wear them.  It has been far more successful to let him run around with only a t-shirt on.  Underwear will come though - I can't let him go in public like that!

Books and activities basket next to the potty - a must!  He can't just sit there.  We pull the step stool for the sink over and use it like a table.  He colors, reads, or watches Super Why and Yo Gabba Gabba on my phone. 

Potty Relays - total bust!  He just watched me do it and laughed.  I was already hurting from hiking and the little stinker made me run all throughout the house trying to get him to follow me to the bathroom.  I guess he knows where it's at and doesn't feel he needs to practice running.  Oh well.

Today has been a pretty successful day.  We had very few accidents.  I was nervous to do this, but out of food in the house, so I took him to Price Chopper with me.  We had practiced using our words to tell mommy that he had to go potty so when I heard him say, "momma, potty" I knew he meant business.  Half way across the store I ran my full cart along with Aaron and Ethan to the front of the store, booked it to the bathroom and like a big boy, he waited and went we got there!  I was sooooo proud of him!!!  Later on I knew he had to poop and after hounding him about it all day, I finally just let him be.  He went all by himself and then came to get me.  He was so proud.  The only thing was, it didn't quite make it to the potty but rather right next to it.  Good thing there's no carpet in the bathroom!  I didn't care though.  I'm just happy he seems to be getting it.
 This is a must in our bathroom.  (Thanks Adriana for the tip!)

Ethan:  Sitting like a pro and trying to stand
I had forgotten how monumental the crawling and sitting stage is.  It's like he is no longer a baby, baby.  Now is on the go and everyday he looks a little bit older.  He's quickly growing out of the baby stage and moving toward toddlerdom.  Good thing I still have a few months left before he really is a toddler.  I love this stage.  It is so fun to watch him get around and explore his surroundings.  Everything is new to him and he can't get enough.  He is so mobile and curious about things. He plays hard in the living room, crawling all over, sitting to stop and really check something out, and then pulling up to his knees to look what's up higher.  He would rather play with Aaron's toys which drives his older brother bonkers.  In fact, he would rather be doing whatever his brother is doing period.

Two things happened today that made me just a little sad because it means my snuggle days are nearing an end.  One, John had to drop the bed down.  Ethan couldn't even nap in it anymore because he pulled himself up to the railing and looked over the edge.  I mean totally over the edge.  Now when I go to get him after nap he is sitting in his crib staring up at me with his giant smile and dimples.  While it's incredibly cute, I sort of miss the helpless cutie laying on his back batting his arms and legs.

The other thing is we packed away the bathtub seat.  Don't need it anymore!  I suppose for that matter we don't need the bumbo anymore either.  Tonight I gave the boys a bath and Eman happily splashed in the water alongside his big brother.  Aaron tried to play ball with him a little and he showed him how to stick the letters to the side of the tub.  They were so cute! 

Our boys just keep growing!  I'm loving the new stages they are experiencing and look forward to many more firsts for them both.