Please Forgive Me

I don't know how I let blogging get away from me but I seem to put it off until I have an overwhelming amount of stories and pictures to post.  So, please excuse me while I vomit the last few weeks up... OK, not a pretty word picture!  But still, for blog book sake, this is what we've been up to lately...


 was a big helper by dragging the recycle downstairs for mommy.

 experienced play doh for the very first time. 

 It was quite a hit.

 has been playing outside at every opportunity.

loves hats - especially funny ones with fish on them.


 discovered the joys of the Johnny Jumper.

 got in a park swing for the first time.

 And really enjoyed it.

likes to suck on his toes.

Our Family...

 has also been spending a lot of time outside.

 went to Deanna Rose petting zoo and fed the goats.

and ducks.

switched our double stroller to the sit and stand feature so Aaron can sit like a big boy or even stand and ride if he wants.

We also got to spend time with John's family on Labor day.  Aaron had so much fun riding his bike with Uncle Matt and Aunt Jacquelyn.

There have been many park outings, a fun outing with Aunt "Cha-Chee" and Nanny, and a party to celebrate Uncle Steve and Aunt Carol Farnsworth's 25th wedding anniversary in which all danced the night away!  Whew!  I think we're caught up to today at least, but that I'll save for the next post.