Potty Time

It begins... It's finally time to start potty training.  John and I have very different attitudes towards this particular milestone.  He is indifferent at best - but really not looking forward to the process.  He'll be happy with the final results, but the in between is basically my job.  How do I feel about this?  Excited.  Thrilled even.  I know, I'm weird I guess.  Yes, I'm excited for the end result, but I'm also excited about little victories, the frustration in the begining followed by the "ah ha" when he finally gets it, basically the learning process in general.

We, well I, have plans to make this a fun and exciting process.  We are going to have a "Potty Party" which will consist of a trip to Wal-mart in which he will get to pick out his new big boy underwear and a new potty chair (maybe even one that sings when he goes!)  Then we'll pick up some salty snacks and lots of drinks of his choice.  When we get home we are going to play what I'm calling the Potty relay where we are going to practice running to the bathroom from various places in the house and even outside the house to see how fast we can make it.  We'll even make trips to each grandparent's house to do potty relays there too.  Then we are going to snack and drink and snack and drink and snack and drink... and then sit and wait, sit and wait, sit and wait.  And hopefully we will have some small successes that will make him excited to go potty like a big boy.  I have stickers and maybe we'll get some fruit snacks as rewards - and who wouldn't be excited about a song that plays when you successfully pee pee in the potty right?! Maybe I'll even make a chart for the refrigerator! EEkk!! <that's me squealing with anticipation> For three days I plan to do nothing but chill at home and play games while Aaron hangs out in a t-shirt and underwear.  I may even make him sit every 15 minutes or so on the potty in the beginning. 

He will not be trained in 3 days - I know that.  I also know that there will likely be lots of accidents and I will probably get frustrated at times.  I'm hoping that he catches on at least a little and that this gives us a good jump start.  We've been reading books before bed and talking about it for a few weeks now and he seems excited.  We even checked out one memorable book from my childhood called, "Once Upon a Potty."

I'm a total novice at this and part of me thinks I may look back at this post down the road and laugh at the pure naiveness of it all!  Some moms that are reading this now may be laughing in their seats at the glorious picture I've painted.  I'm sure it will not be as glorious as I'm making it out to be! We'll see.  The potty party begins on Monday!


  1. Ha! Nanny is practicing the sprint already!! Took my diuretic this morning and sprinted several times.....tell Aaron he better practice a LOT at home:-) My patient that had her kiddos about the same time as you had "naked week." She committed to staying home and Noah went naked.......of course, they had all wood flooring:-) Good luck Farns Fam!


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