Proud Parents

Ethan has been a busy little baby this week.  First of all, he turned 7 months old on Monday!  I know I say this every time, but man time flies!  He is growing so fast - way faster than I remember Aaron growing.  I wonder what it will be like with baby number 3 or 4 or 5?!?!

Eman is FINALLY cutting teeth!!  He has two pearly whites coming in on the bottom.  He tells us all about it everyday - I'm sure it is not a very fun experience to feel razor sharp objects pushing their way through your gums.  If it's anything like a root canal I completely understand the foul mood!  We've been getting by with Oral Gel, Tylenol, and good old fashioned frozen wash cloths.  Oh and about anything that he can put in his mouth.  The drool is copious, much like the river of snot oozing from his nose.  Let's just hope they all start coming in and it passes soon.  None of this drag-on-forever business!

He is also starting to sit on his own.  He can manage for a few seconds before pitching forward and he's getting better everyday.  The biggest development this week however is he is crawling!!!!  Look out world - here he comes!!  He's been doing a few crawl steps here and there but tonight it clicked and he was off!  I'm in for some serious running around now! 

It took some work, but he has mastered it.  Check it out!