A Crafty Halloween

I have never been into decorations for holidays at our house with the exception of Christmas.  It was always more about being lazy than anything else.  It's not that I don't like decoarations, I guess I just never cared much.  Until now.  Now that I have kiddos it seems like the right thing to do.  Weird huh?  : )  Actually it's not really decorating that gets me excited, it's fun craft projects that make up our decorations that I really enjoy.  Some crafts are done with Aaron and some without.  Check our our creations:

 This project was a joint effort.  Thanks to a tip from a friend in moms club, we found this craft on Familyfun.com.  We saved milk jugs and drew faces on them.  I cut a hole in the back and then Aaron helped me stuff Christmas lights into them.  He thinks they are pretty neat.
Keeping the lights theme we used icicle lights and leftover treat pumpkins from last year to make this pumpkin garland.  Last year we filled these plastic pumpkins with treats and took to a party.  These were the leftovers so we filled them up with the icicle strands and voila!
 Next, we turned egg cartons into flying bats by cutting them out, painting them black and tying a string on them.  Aaron didn't help much with this one.  Not that we didn't try, but I didn't want black paint on everything.  I don't have washable black paint.
Here they are flying around. 
 This one was the most fun for Aaron.  He painted the pumpkin orange and then I used contact paper to "laminate" it.  I then made face parts and laminated them as well, attaching velcro dots to the backs.  Now Aaron can make a Jack-O-Lantern whenever he wants on the fridge.

Unfortunatly he thought it was cool for about 5 seconds and then was over it.  Oh well, it's still cute!

That's all for decorations but wait til you see their costumes....


  1. So cute! You are such a good momma:-) The pumpkin with all the parts looks like so much fun....he will love it even more next year! Can't wait to see the little munchkins all dressed up!


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