Hold That Thought

So I've decided that Aaron is not in fact ready for this potty training thing yet.  Although we had some success with him over the past week, most of it was (with the exeption of twice) either myself or John placing him on the potty and making him sit there.  He is not concerned with using it yet and does not tell me when he needs to go.  I think I was a little dilusional maybe.  Or at least just WAY more excited about it than he was!  After about 4 days he started protesting the potty - kicking, screaming, even biting me.  NOT GOOD.  On day 5 he resented it so much that he ran to his room everytime he had to pee and hide under his covers. 

No big deal.  Just not the right timing.  So back to diapers for a little while.  He hasn't even mentioned his big boy underpants or his potty chair since, further confirming that he is just not ready yet.  In talking to several friends it seems that most little boys I know were not ready until closer to three.  I think we'll wait until after Christmas and give it another go.  Meanwhile we'll still read our potty books and talk about it when we can. 


  1. No Worries:-) Even some big boys don't have a real good grasp of it LOL! Still rootin' for you, Aaron!!


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