Love these boys!

It seems since becoming more mobile, Ethan has made it his mission to stick with his brother.  Aaron mostly just tolerates it right now but I'm sure eventually they will actually play together.  I can't wait for that day!!  They are so stinkin' cute together.  It just melts my heart to see them even hanging out in the same vicinity!

 Looks familiar...
 Yes, that's a binky in Aaron's mouth.  Seems they both want to mimic each other.

Ethan's got himself two front teeth and he is workin' em hard!  He loves to chew on anything of course but he is also loving Baby Mum Mums, little puffs, carrot pieces, peas, and breadsticks!  Oh yes, today we tried a french fry.  He worked on it for quite some time. He's pulling up on everything and trying his hardest to start cruising around.  He wants to do everything his big brother does.

 Only time he's upset: teeth, hungry, sleepy.  This was all 3!
 Trying out noodles.
 Just like his brother...
Death grip on the french fry!

Aaron is as ornery as ever.  He loves the word, "NO!"  Can't imagine huh?  He's starting to pull some tantrums and get into the warned "terrible" part of the twos.  I still love him though.  He can go from awful to adorable in no seconds flat.  One minute attempting to bite while the next second kissing you.  Just recently he smacked baby brother with a string of beads and as soon as he hit him he knew he was in trouble.  He got this horrible look of regret on his face, threw the beads, and ran for his room to hide.  He got in trouble all right but John and I had to hide our laughter.  (Ethan was OK)  He knew time out was in order and willing sat there, followed by hugging and apologizing to his brother. 

While we’ve stopped officially potty training for now, Aaron is still curious about his potty and tries to use it every night after bath time.  It’s been three days now and he has gone all by himself every night before bed.  No prompting from me.  He is sooooo extactic when this happens.  It’s totally different from our previous successes.  Watch his reaction tonight.  This was after he had already come to tell me he went and I gave him fruit snacks.  This was pure showing off!