Aaron Michael

I have so many awesome pics and stories to tell about not only Aaron, but Eman and the rest of our family, that I hardly know where to start!  This is why I shouldn't save these up like this but since I did, I guess I'll start with and Aaron update.  Warning:  If you are not into mommy bragging, please skip this post.  : )

Since being discharged from Speech Therapy a month ago, his words have EXPLODED.  He is doing so well - making full sentences and using words to ask for things now, even practicing good manners too.  Every day I am amazed at what comes out of his mouth.  I really do need to write things down as he says them because some stuff is just absolutely hilarious!

Besides learning new words, Aaron has been keeping himself busy by learning to sing the ABC's (he has already mastered saying them all, memorized by sight), practicing counting, playing with friends on play-dates, painting, coloring, relaxing (ha!), and taking every opportunity to try to "wrestle" with his baby brother.

On an Oak Park Mall outing, Aaron enjoyed his cookie.  I'm pretty sure it was his favorite part of the trip!

"Relaxing" for just long enough to take a pic

Showing baby brother how it's done.

Strollin' with his buddy Jude at the Great Mall

Every morning he requests ABC pancakes.  One time John made him pancakes in the shape of ABC's and now it's the only way he wants to eat them.  We different letters but on this day we spelled his name out.

Playing in the leaves at a Mom's club leaf party.