Ethan William

Our little baby is growing soooo fast.  It seems faster than Aaron has if that is even possible.  He is standing, cruising, trying to balance, chewing on anything and everything even though he still has only 2 teeth, saying mama, dada, and baba, crawling with speed, and imitating everything his older brother does.  He's gone up the stairs several times, would rather eat real solid food instead of the pureed stuff, and plays with Aaron's toys instead of his own.  He also has a smile that would melt you in 2 seconds flat and is pretty much plastered on his face all day long.
 1st carousel ride at Oak Park

 Pre-hair cut!  People were starting to say, "oh she's so cute!"

 He did sooooo well!!!  He was much better for Gail at Fantastic Sam's than he was for me at home.  I managed one snip to save and then chickened out on the rest!

 Playing with Aunt Chelsee at the park.

 Love those teeth!  He is such a ham!!

 Playing with (well eating) big brother's pumpkin.

Eating the family fav: pancakes!

Please mom, just let me do this myself thank you.

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE our boys!  :)