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John and I are super excited about our new flooring.  I know it sounds silly but our carpet was soooo bad!!!  Hopefully this will help when we try to sell our house.  (Maybe next year.)  Here are the before and after pics. 
 Gross carpet...
 Who knew there was linoleum under there?!  It actually wasn't in terrible condition either but we didn't find out until we had already paid for our materials and ripped the carpet out.  No worries, the Pergo was so worth it in the end.
 Final product.  It looks fantastic and Aaron LOVES it.  He can roll his cars on it or slide in his socks.  We love it because we can sweep and mop up messes with ease now!  No more disgusting, embarrassing carpet!

In other news, we are trying to get prepared for the coming winter months of staying indoors more and trying not to get bored.  I've swapped out some toys in the living room to keep things fresh including bringing out the old play mats to jump around on.  We're going to have to take apart our couch and move a section into our garage just to have room for a Christmas tree this year!  That's a project we'll do later this month.  I've also added an "art cart" to our dining room.  It rolls great on our new flooring!  I've stocked it with construction paper, coloring books, paints, markers, crayons, play dough, and chalk.  So far, Aaron is really liking it.  I got a roll of paper so we can roll it out on the table or on the floor and go to town. 

We also now have a "boredom bucket".  Parents As Teachers has a Facebook page full of TV free ideas for activities to do with young kiddos.  So I took out a pad of paper and started jotting them down one by one on little slips and dropping them into the bucket.  Some activities are games, some are crafts, some can be done outside but most are indoors.  And I also added free outings like playing at the Great Mall, swimming at the YMCA, and visiting the library.  Some take 5 minutes to complete, some take over an hour.  I hope to keep adding to it when I hear things or see things in magaizines that sound fun.  Whenever I hear, "Aaron's bored" (yes folks, at 2 years old he already says this) we'll reach into the bucket and have a good time.  We've already used it once yesterday and made a great painting for the hallway wall using our feet and some paint!

 The family just chillin on the couch.  Undoubtably watching either Yo Gabba Gabba, Thomas, or Super Why.

 Our Thankful tree.  It has many more leaves on it now as it's the 14th of November.  We used each other's arms as the tree limbs and each day we think of something we are thankful for.  It's kind of hard to explain what "Thankful" is to a toddler.  We went with it's something you are so happy that God gave you.  Seems to be working.  Aaron is thankful that God gave him cheese.  Yes, it's his favorite food! 

Our cuties shopping with mom at Aldi.  Go on, stare a little.  They are the cutest kids on this planet! : )


  1. The Aldi's picture is my screen saver and I can't tell you how happy it makes me just looking at those adorable faces. Sounds like you are really gearing up for winter! You are such a good mom, Kristin. So proud of your cute little family:-)

  2. Mom - you are my inspiration. Really - how many cool activities and things did we do when we were growing up. Your love for crafts has rubbed off on me and I can only hope to have such memorable moments with my boys as we did with you. I remember going to the pool, indoor (hotels!) and out. We always had the coolest bdays - pin the fin on Ariel! I mean come on! I have a WONDERFUL role model. : )


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