Snowed In

These last few days have been great with the boys.  Aaron has been behaving and acting so sweet.  Plus I think I've made some changes internally about the whole issue of the terrible twos which seems to be helping as well.

Today we went to the bank and made our annual deposit to their kids CD's.  We've started a tradition in our house as far as saving goes for the kids.  They get to put birthday money, Christmas cash, or any other money they get (like when I clean out my purse or John empties his pockets), into their piggy banks.  Aaron thinks this is so cool and even if it's just a nickle, he is delighted.  Then around Christmas time we head to the bank to deposit what they saved.  At Cap Fed they usually offer the kids a prize or gift around this time of the year for a deposit of $100 or more.  So we decided we would cover the difference each year.  That is until they start saving thier own money from chores and stuff.  Hopefully it will be more than $100 a year then! In Aaron's case, this year we didn't have to add much! Aaron got to put another $100 in his CD and Ethan got to start a brand new one!  This year the prize is a snow cone maker.  Sometimes the gifts are a little lame but this year, I was actually excited to get them. 

After dinner we busted out our new toys and sat around the table making our desserts.  It was so fun and tasty!  We used melted popsicles to flavor our snow cones.  In the future we will probably use the kind you buy at the store that aren't frozen yet.  They are the real cheap ones you have to stick in the freezer - perfect for flavoring a snow cone!  Even though Aaron wasn't strong enough to turn the crank himself, he was thrilled to watch daddy turn ice cubes into a tasty dessert.  Even Ethan enjoyed the end product although I think he liked the cold spoon the best!


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