Busy Busy

Whew - I'm one tired momma!  We've had a bustling past two days.  Yesterday the boys and I ventured out to Bass Pro for some daddy shopping.  We got to visit Santa Claus for the first time ever!  It was actualy quite uneventful. : )  Aaron sat on his lap like it was no big deal.  When Santa asked him what he wanted he simply said, "toys." Ethan was a little more nervous but we managed to get a picture with both of them in it.  Aaron was more concerned about the basket of candy canes behind Santa and the trains in the corner of his eye sight to care much about taking a photo.  Oh well, I guess it's pretty normal to get a not-so-good pic with Santa.

Since everything was taking about four times longer than it should that day, it was getting late and the boys were starving so we went and had pizza at Pizza Street.  I couldn't believe how much they both ate - especially Aaron!  He must have had 4 slices of pizza, a dessert slice, AND a bowl of ice cream!  Ethan ate pasta, a bread stick, some of Aaron's crusts, and some pineapple tidbits.

Later that night, Chelsee came over to help make soup and bread to take to Grandma's (Grandma Great) on Saturday.  While she was here we attempted to take some tree side pics of the boys before bed.  We could NOT get the boys together.  Ethan just wanted to play and Aaron just wanted to hit Ethan.  Hmmm... better luck next time!

Today started off with swim lessons at the YMCA.  Aaron has been taking a class every Saturday morning.  It's a 6 week session.  Today Aunt Chelsee came and was a HUGE help as Ethan would not stand for the nursery at all.  She stayed and swam with Aaron while I took care of Eman.  Then it was off to Grandma Great's apartment to help decorate for Christmas, complete with Christmas music, soup, and bread.  We had a good time and were able to get up most of her stuff.

 Aaron "washed dishes" for about 30 minutes while Chelsee and I decorated.
This was a place to put Ethan and *BONUS* a way to block Aaron from a room FULL of untouchables...

We sat around most of the afternoon at home today but the boys were getting bored again after dinner so I decided to introduce Ethan to the wonderful world of finger painting with his big brother.  I quarantined the kitchen and made a "paint coral."  Of course his mouth was the first thing he wanted to paint... It made me nervous so I ended up switching Ethan's red paint for ketchup!  Worked like a charm. : )
 Aaron showing Ethan how it's done with holiday paint stamps.

Our final product.

It's now 10:00 but feels like 1 am.  I think it's time for this tired momma to head to bed, maybe I'll put on a cheesy, tearful Christmas movie...  Seems like a good ending to a busy few days.