"Double Cats"

There has been this odd little phrase floating around our house for the past couple of weeks.  We have no idea what it means or even exactly what he is saying, but Aaron seems to say "Double Cats" when he is frustrated about something. 

"Aaron, please sit down in your chair, it's not time to get down from the table yet."

"Double Cats!"

"Aaron, stop pushing your brother!  If I see it again you're going to time out."

"Double Cats!"

"Aaron, what are you doing inside the pack and play?  Get out of there."

"Double Cats!"

"Double Cats?"


You get the picture.  He even says it when he's doing something but can't seem to get it right - like putting the crayons away or building something that keeps falling over.  I have NO IDEA what is going through his brain.  Is it a cus word?  Some kind of Aaronese that has stuck with him and hasn't been translated into English yet?  Who knows!  I'm hoping one of these days it sort of dons on me what it is that he's trying to say!