Ethan's 1st Snow

This morning we woke to Ethan's first snow!  
 So it was dusting... but it was still his first!  Upon seeing the glorious white stuff powdered over the back deck, Aaron ran to find his shoes.  He didn't care what time it was or that it was only 18 degrees outside.  He wanted to step in it, crunch it under his shoes, pick up a handful of it and throw it if he could.  We spent about 20 minutes bundling up in layers of clothes, coats, hats, gloves, and snow boots and spent a grand total of about 5 minutes actually outside.  It was FREEZING!!!  Well below freezing actually.  No matter, the boys got to feel just enough snow flakes to hold them over until the next snow.  Hopefully it will actually accumulate.  Although, I would be OK if it didn't happen again until Christmas Eve.  We're sure to see some good snow this year no matter what since Matt and Jacquelyn have officially moved to Denver!  We can't wait to visit them and go check out the Rockies with the kids this winter!