Grandma Great

Two Sundays ago Ethan and I went to see Grandma Great perform in her Choir at the Atriums for thier annual holiday program.  The program was great - Aaron stayed home to nap as it was at 2:00 in the afternoon.  I knew Ethan would sleep anywhere so I went ahead and took him and sure enough, he found the perfect place to take a snooze - on Nanny's shoulder! 

Later on Papa got a few snuggles of his own when went to visit Grandma Great in the hospital.

Yes, later that evening Grandma took a tumble and unfortunatly ended up in the hospital.  She has some pretty nasty bruises on her face and while she was there the docs discovered some unrelated issues for which she ended up with a pace maker.  She is back home recovering now and is doing better but will be unable to go to Texas as planned for Christmas.  I know she is bummed about it.  We hope she gets better soon.