Holiday Bug

Last week some kind of bug made its way through our home and decided to become playmates with our boys.  Both Aaron and Ethan got whatever it was.  Consequently we spent a lot of time indoors and had to keep ourselves entertained in between "episodes" of illness.  Good thing we have the boredom bucket!  We built obstacle courses, pitched a tent, colored using the refrigerator as our easel, and snuggled - a LOT.  No complaints here on that last one!

 Eman peeking out.  Aaron kept saying "Ee-son, come in."

We moved the tent to Aaron's room and it's been there since.  He slept in at for three nights in a row!  We read stories with flashlights and then he would insist on going to bed in it.  

He was a little tired about half way through!  He went from major spurts of energy to snuggle mode and back again.

Everyone is feeling well again and we are SOOOOO looking forward to Christmas.  I'm not sure who is more excited, the kids or us!  Santa is coming and Aaron has been counting down the days.  He asked us if Santa brings suckers.  Apparently he REALLY wants some suckers in his stocking.  I assured him that Santa's suckers are the best. : )  Three days and counting!