Merry Christmas!!!

We hope you and yours had a fantastic holiday with friends and loved ones. As usual we have been pretty blessed this Christmas.  For the first time ever, John and I woke up Christmas morning with our kiddos at our own home and low and behold, Santa came!!  We spent Christmas Eve with John's extended family with the traditional gift exchange, TONS of people, and good food.  We briefly stopped by his parents on the way home so we could all open our traditional Christmas Eve goodies.  The boys got cute jammies and John and I got hooked up with soft, warm slippers.

We had most everything all ready to go and we actually made it to bed by midnight.  Aaron had been asking about Santa for the previous few nights so we weren't sure who was more excited.  Turns out it might have been us - we got up at 6:30 to make sure everything was just right and wait for Aaron to come running out into the living room so we could see the look on his face when he saw that Santa had actually come.  By 7:15 I had already nursed Ethan and we were still waiting...  so John nudged Aaron a bit and voila! He WAS very excited and did a crazy Aaron dance in front of the fireplace which included jumping and throwing himself on the floor while laughing hysterically.  LOVE IT!  We opened all of our gifts to each other.

 Anxiously awaiting...
 Notice a lot of ornaments are gone... as they got pulled off they were put away.
Even Ellie was getting impatient.  
7:12am.  He's usually roaming the house by now looking for trouble.
Santa came?!!!
 He sure did!
 And he left a note...
 The stockings were the biggest hit.  Once Aaron found his suckers he was set!
Big brotherly help

Still in our jammies it was off to the Farnsworth's for biscuits and gravy and round 2 of gifts.  Then around 11:30 we changed into nice clothes and headed to my family's house for lunch and round 3!  We had a fabulous day and received all sorts of great things from everybody - too many to name because I will inevitably leave something out.  I will say that I am REALLY looking forward to going on a cold weather backbacking trip with some of our new stuff.  The kids are very busy with all their new toys and gadgets.  I have lots of new boots, clothes, and jewelry to sport, and I can't wait to make popcorn in our new microwave! Thank you to everyone for such a great Christmas.  We love you all so much!