Do the Potty Dance!

Its been about 2 weeks since we've re-started our adventures in potty training. So far its going pretty well. It's going to be one of those marathon rather than sprint things.  We found a video on youtube produced by Pull Ups called the Potty Dance.  We usually dance to it several times a day. We are able tp play it right on our TV which is awesome!

Watch "The Potty Dance from Pull-Ups" on YouTube

Aaron has done a great job with going pee pee but number 2 is a strange concept I guess.  It's been frustrating at times when I have to clean poop up AGAIN! But today... today we REALLY did the potty dance because Aaron made it to the potty before making a mess on his bedroom carpet WITHOUT any prompting!

This horse has been waiting to be played with for a very long time! Aaron is sharing his twizzlers with Mr. Ed. Hopefully he got enough recognition to want to do it again!