Kairos Moments

I'm looking back on pictures I've taken this month and I'm overwhelmed by how incredibly blessed I am.  As mentioned in the previously posted article, it is easy to caught up in Chronos time.  The daily grind of waking up early, fixing breakfast, lunch, and dinner, dealing with whining, timeouts, potty training, laundry, and going to bed late can feel unending.  But I have had many Kairos moments. "God's time. It's time outside of time. It's metaphysical time. It's those magical moments in which time stands still."

It's like when Aaron gives me 20 kisses throughout the course of putting him to bed because he thinks it's so funny.  Or when we are talking to Jesus at night and he says without prompting "and thank you for my mommy and daddy." Or when I'm standing at the window with Ethan on my knee and Aaron next to us, waving goodbye to John as he pulls out of the driveway. "Bye Bye Daddy.  Love you." Or when Ethan sees me across the room and waves. And when he looks up at me while we're cuddling with his thumb in his mouth, sniffing his blanket. Or when John holds me for a moment and then tells me to sit while he finishes the dishes.  Yes.  I have many Kairos moments.  Here are a few more.

 Playing together in adorable matching pjs!

 It's been nice to play outside on these unseasonably warm days.

Eating a cheerio necklace we made together
 Breakfast with Brobee

 For as often as I have to put Aaron in timeout for being mean to his brother, they sure do have fun together


  1. So cute! You used to suck your thumb and sniff your "woobee" and it was the cutest thing! I love the 20 kisses too:-) So much to be thankful for....thanks for the reminder about Kairos time.


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