Wall Art Missing Post

Too bad my fairly lengthy, very well written (and funny I might add) post about Aaron's recent wall art has disappeared.  I have uninstalled my blogger app from my phone and reinstalled it as the post was stuck in "publishing" mode for almost a week.  It is now gone for good.  The good news is, I can post from my phone again... if it works...

I was going to tell you how cute and ornery Aaron has been with his artistic abilities and creative mind but now I'm a little removed for that moment in time where the words flow magically and I just don't think I'd be able to recount it the same.  Just know that in about one weeks time, Aaron has made art with diaper cream twice, bath crayons, markers, and a stamp that he won as a prize for going potty like a big boy.  Luckily our walls are washable and all of it has come out very nicely.  And since writing that post, it seems we are down one culprit as he has flushed all nine of his bath crayons down the toilet.  Too bad that was the only "allowable" medium for writing on walls!