Missing phone. Part 2

Yes.  Now I have officially lost not one but TWO phones since Aaron was born!!!  Hmmm.... I'm not saying he did it exactly but I have a sneaking suspicion...

My world has become soooo dependent on that silly thing and as I step back and look how much I used it I am amazed I had time for anything!  I used it for so many purposes like Facebook, Pinterest, email, calendar, listening to music, using it for Zumba classes, playing kids music in the living room, alarm clock, recipe finder, weight watcher point tracker, grocery lists, making lists for all kinds of silly things, texting with John while he's at work, checking the weather, checking the news, checking my bank account and credit cards, GPS navigating, blogging, checking other peoples blogs, shopping on amazon, playing games like words with friends and Mahjong, oh yeah, and actually talking on the phone since I have no house line!  And there's more too but I can't think of it right off the top of my head.  It's been gone since Sunday and I've had to use a little back up phone that we were letting Aaron use as a play phone.  It's like 10 years old or something but it actually allows me to talk and if I am patient enough (which I'm not) I could text and use the old T9 feature.

At first (and even still a little) I was so angry that I cannot find it.  I am about 95% sure it's in my house somewhere but I can't locate it as it's in airplane mode I presume which means there is no way to call it or make it ring through GPS or wifi features.  It's simply gone.  After brewing over this and obsessing with finding it for going on 4 days I have come to believe that there is a huge lesson here for me.  It's largely spiritual and to completely go into it would take too much time and may bore you so I'll spare the details but suffice it to say, I have a lot of seeking to do besides finding my phone.  I am even considering not getting a smartphone right away and taking the extra time I spent fiddling with my phone to enjoy my kids more and grow spiritually with the Lord.  Not forever of course.  I mean, I don't think I can go FOREVER without my smartphone!  Hehehe.  But I think I'll wait a while, a few weeks, maybe a month, maybe more to buy a new one.

So since I've lost a lot of pics that I had on the phone I haven't been blogging lately.  That will change.  Time to bust out the ol' camera and do it that way.  I have several picnics to add to our list and of course I still need to blog about little Ethan's birthday party!!!!  I just got the sd card from John's parents last night so I'll be sure to get some pics up soon.