Tribute to Grandma Great

Last week my grandmother, Peggy Thies, passed away.  Grandma, or Grandma Great as my kiddos called her, went to be with the Lord on late Monday night/early Tuesday morning.  She had a bad fall before Christmas and while she was in the hospital it was discovered that she had some underlying issues that ultimately took her life. It was a short 8 weeks or so between then and her passing.  All of her children where able to make it here before she went and she spent her last moments in her own bed with her family surrounding her.

The funeral was held in Salina Kansas last Saturday and it was a beautiful service. She touched many lives throughout her time on earth.  I enjoyed spending time with my cousins and reminiscing all the memories we shared as kids.  Chelsee, Katie and I came up with a poem that summed up some of the most memorable things about her.  I would love to post it when I get a copy from Chelsee. 

We got to spend a few moments with her on Monday morning before she passed. We told the boys that we were going to go visit grandma great and that she was not feeling well.  She may even be asleep when we got there.  Aaron's response was, "she need a night night story?"  How I love the innocence of a child.  Book in tow, we got there and read to her the book, "No Matter What."  It is a great little book about how no matter what, we are always loved.  Grandma enjoyed it and smiled.  I think what I will remember most about her is how much she adored my children.  Aaron still doesn't quite understand that grandma great is with Jesus. We went to her apartment tonight and he asked where she was again.  I'm sad that they will probably not remember much about her.  Hopefully they will read this blog post later on in life and see that they had some great times with her.

Since moving to the Atriums in 2007, Grandma was able to come to so many events.  Looking back through pictures it really is neat that she was there for so many life changing moments. She NEVER wanted to miss out on a party.  And most everything was reason enough for a party or get together.  These are only a few of them.

Thanksgiving, 2008 - We revealed we were expecting

May 2007 - She came to my Graduation from JCCC

 May 2009 - She came to my graduation from MNU

June 2009 - She was there for the birth of Aaron Michael

 She spend many 1sts with Aaron
His first Christmas and New Years - We had a PJ party

February 2011 - She was there for Ethan's birth

She loved these kids very much

There were so many other things she came to and was a part of like of course John and I's wedding, John's graduation from nursing school, and many many birthdays. 

Grandma led a long and happy life.  She never wanted to miss out on anything!  Anyone who met her could never forget her vibrant colored clothes, rings on all fingers, and huge colorful matching jewelry!  She will be missed by many.