Daily Grind

I haven't posted much recently and as I sit here and think about it, maybe it's because it's just been the good old daily grind.  Aside from the occasional picnic, there just isn't a lot going on and yet I feel drained at the end of each day.  Aaron has gone a new direction with potty training.  We've given him the nick name Poop Picaso...  Use your imagination, it's probably better than the real thing.  He has made a habit of pooping where ever he feels like and then painting with it.  Disgusting.  Enough said.

I feel I've been raising my voice more and more and it's just not very effective.  He doesn't care if I put him in time out and my spankings are useless.  So it's back to the reward system.  We stopped doing it because he was doing so great but maybe it was the reason he was doing so great.  So it's back to stickers and fruit snacks and the promise of hot chocolate if he has no accidents.  And hot chocolate is like gold to him.  So far it's working.  I guess positive reinforcement does actually help.  Plus with the loss of my phone I'm making more of an effort to pay better attention to him and he likes it.  Man, raising a toddler is HARD WORK! : )  He is so sweet though.  Even after a rough day he still is sweet at bed time and randomly tells me he loves me.  I just melt when he gives me the I Love You sign with his fingers. 

Ethan is a pro at walking now.  He generally loves life and it's evident on his face.  His smile can seriously make me change my attitude in a heartbeat. He is fearless at the park, just like Aaron was, going down any slide he can climb to.  He tries to do anything that big brother does.  They are so cute when they play together.

John and I are going to Colorado this coming weekend to visit Matt and Jacquelyn and we are sooooo excited!  The boys are going to be staying with both our parents off and on so they will have a blast.  We are so lucky to have such great grandparents for the kids!  I'm not sure what I'm more excited about, going to Colorado or having 4 days alone with my hubby!